Meet Lucy, July’s pet of the month! She is a 6 year old Torbie/Domestic Shorthair, that is looking for her forever home.

Lucy has really blossomed into a real love bug here in our low-stress, quiet and comfortable foster home. With love and reassurance she has regained her confidence and calm. She’s not afraid to explore around the house and check out everything in her environment.
In the winter she loves to curl up on a towel we put down next to the heat vent.
In the spring and now summer, she just loves watching the birds, squirrels and chipmunks through the screen door. She also loves the smell of fresh air and sunshine from her perch at my home office window. If she’s not with me in the office then she’s curled up on our day bed at the bay window in our living room.
Lucy is a very sweet, energetic, alert, engaging and social kitty. She will greet us at the door when we get home from being out. She loves to play hunt with her rope toy, and will jump up in midair to catch her mouse toys. She loves to be brushed and groomed (gently) with the dual-sided rubber cat brush. She also uses her scratching post regularly throughout the day. She is always a good girl with the litter box, no issues there.
She loves jumping up on the edge of the bathtub and drinking from the faucet. She has a cat fountain and loves it!
During the day she follows us around the house and loves to get petted. In the evenings she will curl up and watch TV with us on the couch. And at night she will sleep at the foot of the bed or in the massage chair next to the bed. She would be the purrrr-fect companion for any loving forever home!