Mia is the whole package if you’re looking for a new wonderful dog for your family. We can’t stop gushing about what a great dog she is so we will give you the highlights!

Mia is a gorgeous, very laid back 5 year old Bulldog/AmStaff who arrived at Animal House Shelter as a stray. She does very well with other dogs and makes friends easily with other dogs she meets. She would do great in a home with other dogs or even in a single dog home.

She LOVES kids! She greets them with a wagging tail and is happy to have children pet her and give her attention. She has done great with kids of any age while she has been at the shelter.

Mia recently came with the Shelter staff to the Touch-A-Truck event in Algonquin and was a pleasure to have with us! She was relaxed on the car ride and had so much fun with us at the event. Hundreds of kids and adults came by to meet and pet Mia and she loved every minute of it. We were even next to a large cement truck, where the children were honking the horn every few minutes and it didn’t even phase her. She didn’t bark one time, just happy to be hanging out with us!

Come out to Animal House Shelter in Huntley, IL and meet Mia. You’ll fall head over heels with her, just like we have!