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Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Labrador Retriever
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male

I love other dogs & all people! 

My siblings include:  Amber, Brendan, Dawn, Jackie, Landon, Macon, Marcus and Tanner! 

Note from Adam’s foster mom:

Adam was my big snuggler out of all the puppies. He loves to be petted and does not always realize how big he is. He will sit in your lap and just lay there and you can pet him or rub his belly and he is perfectly content and calm. He loves to run and play with the bigger dogs  I have 2 furbabies that Adam loved to play with. Jax (shepard/lab/akita) mix who is about 40 lbs and Adam were best friends and could play for hours together. They would chase each other or steal toys from each other and would nip at each other but never hurt each other. Adam was the first to start using the puppy pad in the house and always used it if he could not wait to go outside. He only went pee on the pee pad and was housebroken in about 2 days to do everything outside if he could. Adam was very good about not jumping on me too much when I would say down he would sit down and wait. I gave him dry food in the morning and wet food 1/3 can (Pedigree Puppy) and a little bit of dry at dinnertime. He loves treats and was given baby carrots, small rawhides, dino chews and ice cubes. Adam is going to make a great addition to any family and will learn very quickly. He is such a lovable puppy and I hope you enjoy your new family member.

I will be available for adoption on February 24th. I cannot have any visitors before February 24th. You will need to fill out an online application and receive a phone call back from a staff member that everything is ok with the application prior to February 24th. All family members and any dogs from the household need to be present at the time of the adoption.

We open at 9 am Saturday mornings and we will be helping adoptions in the order of when they submitted an approved application to us. There will be a sign in sheet on the front door at 8:30 am so that we can pull applications for the people that arrive between 8:30-9am. Again, the order in which adoptions will come in to the shelter to see any adoptable dogs or cats first thing on Sunday mornings will be as to when the application was submitted to Animal House Shelter so there is no need to come to the shelter any earlier than 8:30 to sign in. This will be the procedure for people that arrive between 8:30-9am.

After 9am, on Saturday mornings it will be first come, first serve after we help all of the adoptions that signed in between 8:30-9am. Most people submit general applications to us which do not specify a name or a particular litter they are interested in so there is no way for us to know until people arrive Saturday morning at 8:30 how many people are interested in a particular litter, puppy, kitten, cat or adult dog. We always have around 300 dogs & cats available for adoption and the adoption counselors will help you to find the right companion for your family! We look forward to meeting you!

Adoption donation: $450

All dogs are microchipped, neutered, current on all vaccines, heartworm tested and started on Tri Heart Plus & Vectra 3D.

Please fill out the adoption application and we will call you as soon as we receive it.