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Breed: Bull Terrier / Italian Greyhound
Age: 9 years
Gender: Male

I am 28 lbs & I am a sweet little guy. My buddy at the shelter is Funnel Cake if you’re looking to adopt 2 dogs! I know how to potty outside, and live for the cuddles and kisses. If you give me commands, I will listen because im a smart pup. All family members and any dogs from the household need to be present at the time of the adoption. I need to be in an adult only home.  Come visit me!!!

Notes from Boss’ foster home:   “Boss is a wonderful funny and quirky little 28 pound guy with a lot of personality. He is very well mannered, totally housebroken and has never had an accident in his foster family’s house. Boss also does not beg at the dinner table (if you’re eating on the couch is another story completely). He listens very well and knows quite a few commands already such as sit, down, stay, come, and cage (goes inside his kennel). Other commands such as “leave it” and “no” also work, just a push to him and he goes away. He is super food motivated and will listen to whoever presents him with a treat for his tricks. On quiet streets he is very easy to walk but is still working of focusing to not pull especially with other people around. He is pretty submissive and will roll to his back the few times he knows he’s been naughty with barking or jumping up.
Boss LOVES to cuddle doesn’t matter if you’re on a chair, couch, bed or even just the floor. he’ll start by putting his head on your leg and slooowly putting one paw up then the other and eventually wriggling all the way up. It’s very easy to tell him no and he won’t climb up. He doesn’t like balls but will chase his tug of war rope all around shaking his little head in glee. He seems to prefer people over playing with other dogs especially large dogs. He can be a “Velcro” dog following whoever the most active person is around the house shadowing their every move.
He doesn’t need a lot of exercise and in foster care a couple 20-30 minute walks a day with some tug of war kept him very calm. If he gets too tired outside on a walk, running or rollerblading he’ll lie down and roll over and you may have to carry him back like a little furry baby.
As far as what Boss has to say about himself:
I tend to get caught sleeping in, sometimes past 9am and occasionally even have to get woken up! To avoid this I’ll jump in the nearest bed and will try to hide under the blankets to get more sleep.
If you introduce me to people outside the house I’m fairly friendly but don’t like lots of visitors coming and going from my house. In other people’s houses I’m pretty easy going My growl and bark are just for show and I haven’t been aggressive at all, but still would appreciate being in my cage in a room with some music when lots of people come over. Once I’m used to a person I’ll see if they’ll cuddle with me too!!
I’ve been known to play cute to get picked up and got belly rubs. I also don’t need a lot of exercise. A couple miles a day is all I’ll do. Too much and I’ll lay on the grass and you may have to carry me home. My foster family thinks id do best in a relatively quiet home without a lot going on so I can just cuddle up and watch TV with my people.
Oh one last thing, don’t tell the other dogs but I’ve heard my foster dad tell quite a few people of the 3 dogs they’ve fostered this year I’m his favorite!! Probably because of my temperament and personality”

Adoption donation: $350

All dogs are microchipped, neutered, current on all vaccines, heartworm tested and started on Tri Heart Plus & Vectra 3D.

Please fill out the adoption application and call 847-961-5541 with any additional questions.

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