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Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Collie
Age: 6 years
Weight: 52 pounds
Gender: Male
Temperament: Good for car rides and very loving. House trained and knows "sit", "stay", "shake" and "heel".
Good With Dogs?: Yes
Adoption Donation: $350



“Hi, I’m Trooper!! I know, I’m very handsome. I could literally be a poster boy for every pet food brand on the market. My foster mom said I shouldn’t let it get to my head, but how can I not with a face like mine? But looks aside, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself:

I am very loving! Once I get to know you, I won’t leave your side. Like, I will sit on you. Literally. My mom is constantly saying, ‘Do you know what personal space is??” and, ‘You know I’m sitting here, right?’ because I just want her to know how much I love and appreciate her! She doesn’t stay annoyed too long since she gives me kisses and rubs my cheeks. I’m a complete couch potato and love just curling up right beside you. However, even though I have no boundaries when it comes to YOUR personal space, I do need you to respect MY personal space. It takes me a while to get used to new people and definitely recommend introducing me in a neutral environment (I LOVE GOING FOR WALKS!). I do NOT like when people I don’t know very well pet my head… so please have people refrain from petting me until I REALLY get to know them. Also, since I get pretty anxious around new people, it’s best if I stay home if you need to go to a party, bbq or whatever. I’ll miss you, but I’ll be a lot happier feeling safe at home. I am potty trained and I’m honestly a LEGEND when it comes to holding it in. Dog walkers can be a thing as long as I’m properly introduced to them. I’m also a good boy when boarded at a doggy day care.

Speaking of walks, I am a GREAT trail buddy. I love going on long walks with my foster mom and I can honestly be out all day if you let me! I walk very well on a leash (except when I see a small critter around…) and my foster mom recommends using a Gentle Leader for me since I’m VERY strong. I am very good at minding my own business, but you should still keep an eye on me because sometimes people can still make me nervous. I also LOVE my fellow canine, and I can get pretty excited when I see another dog (especially if it’s a cute girl walking by…). My foster mom has been working with me to make sure I chill out when I see another dog across the street, and she thinks I’ve made great progress! I’m pretty good when meeting other dogs, but make sure you ask the other owner if it’s okay since I will react depending on how the other dog reacts. You can rest assured that I would love nothing more than a play date with a dog!

My foster mom has worked really hard on training me and I honestly surprise her every day with how quickly I can learn! I know sit, stay, down and heel. Every time my foster mom gives me a treat, I do all of the commands before she even asks. Literally, I sit, put my paw up and lay down before she even has the chance to say anything! I’m super smart and listen really well when I’m home. I just want to please you and make you happy!…and also I love treats….

Anyway, if you’re looking for your eterni-bud and don’t mind that I’m an introvert, then I may be the dog for you! I would absolutely love to meet you at Animal House Shelter whenever you’re available! I look forward to meeting you, my forever home!”

All dogs are microchippped, neutered, current on all vaccines, heartworm tested (if age appropriate) and up to date on preventatives at the time of adoption.

All household members and any dogs from the household need to be present at the time of your appointment.

The shelter is currently open by appointment only with an approved application. Please note, all applications are considered general and stay on file for 6 months. Specific animals are NOT put on hold for adoption. When you visit, the adoption counselors will be able to make suggestions based on the type of pet you are looking for and help you find the best fit for your family.

Animal House Shelter cannot guarantee the breeds of the adoptable animals. The animals are posted on the website as the breed or breed mix based on their physical characteristics they most resemble. We also cannot guarantee the ages of our adoptable animals or how large puppies will be when fully grown.

We look forward to seeing you soon!