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We rely on donations to help us fulfill our mission of saving as many pets as possible.

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We take in many special needs animals that many other shelters will not take in. We take care of any ailment or surgery that needs to be done on any animal we rescue including, but not limited to: heartworm treatment, cruciate ligament repair, patella surgery, FHO, heart surgery, diabetes, anxiety disorders, auto immune deficiencies, and liver shunts.

On average, AHS takes in at least one animal per week that has one of the above ailments or needs surgery. We do not believe that any animal should be left to be euthanized at a high-kill facility because they are sick or injured. Society has already failed them at one point in time and someone needs to speak up and rescue those that are defenseless and without a voice.

That is who we are are and that is what Animal House Shelter has always been about. These ailments and surgeries are extremely expensive, and we need the communities help to not leave these poor souls to be discarded with no one to care for them. Animal House Shelter is a non-profit organization, so we rely heavily on private donations.

NOTE: While every donation is greatly appreciated, donation thank you letters can only be sent for donation amounts of $100 or more to allow as much funding as possible to go towards saving animals. This applies to general donations. If a donation is made ‘in honor of’, ‘in memory of’, or as a gift, notification of the donation will always be sent regardless of the donation amount.

Our Needs and Wishes

We are in need of donations of specific items to ensure the best possible care for our animal’s is provided. To do so, all of our specific needs are listed in our Wish List. Every donation is greatly appreciated by the staff and all the animals, thank you!

Donate to Animal House Shelter By Donating Your Car, Motorcycle, Boat, RV…!

You can turn your old car or boat into saving hundreds of lives. By donating it to Animal House Shelter, you will help our no-kill shelter for years to come.

Questions? Call 877-721-7387 for more info or click the link below.

Donate Your Vehicle 

Other Ways to Donate

Want to help raise money or collect items to help animals in need? We would love your help.

Host a Fundraiser

From big to small, we appreciate them all! The list of fundraising possibilities is endless and open to supporters of all ages. Lemonade stand, dine-to-donate, parties, bring your dog to work day, donation drive, donate garage sale proceeds, donate recycling proceeds… you name it!

If you are looking to host a large fundraising event (golf-outings, auctions, dinners, special events) please contact us at: so that we can work with you one-on-one to make your fundraiser one to remember!

Reoccurring Donation

You can make a donation that is reoccurring as often as you would like. Make a reoccurring donation ›

Give or Request a Gift

Donations can be made for weddings, birthday, holidays, and more. Donations can also be made as a memorial for both animals and the people that love them. Give or request a gift ›

Employer Gift Matching

Many employers offer gift matching programs. Not only will they match general donations, but many companies will match adoption donations when you take a new pet home! Save more lives with your donation by talking to your employer. View a list of companies who match employee donations ›

Stay Up-To-Date

Subscribe to our FREE email list to receive the latest and breaking news about the animals we are rescuing. By subscribing you can find out about urgent donation opportunities. Plus, everyone who makes a donation will also receive a hard-copy newsletter in the postal mail.

 Planned Giving

For more information on planned giving to Animal House Shelter, please contact Larry Irwin at

Stocks, Bonds & Funds

In addition to helping animals in need, donating stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can equate to large tax benefits! If you are interested in making a donation, email Larry Irwin at

Advertising Opportunities

A win-win, you can support Animal House Shelter by advertising with us through online and print advertising, event sponsorship, and more! Animal House Shelter has an email database of over 70.8K and over 43K Facebook followers. There are many opportunities throughout the year. Email

 Walk for Donations

By simply walking, even on your way to do something you normally would do, you can raise donations for Animal House Shelter. Download either ResQWalk or Wooftrax, sign up with either app (FREE) and choose Animal House Shelter as the shelter you are walking for and we will receive a percentage of total funds distributed!

Donate Your Change!

Sign up with RoundUp, select Animal House Shelter as the organization to support, and your purchases will be rounded up to the next dollar – Any left over “change” from that purchase is then donated to our shelter. You can sign up via their website, iOS app or Android app.

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Thanks to your donations, we’ve changed thousands of lives. Help us continue on our mission. 

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Our goal is to find loving, stable homes for the pets in our care. Ready to adopt or foster your new best friend? Start looking!