Extra Special Pets


Sweet Jack is an 8 year old Golden Retriever who was turned into Animal House Shelter when his owner abandoned him. His owner’s sister brought him to us and informed us that Jack has been limping severely on his right front leg and has been unable to put any weight on the leg for over a year. Animal House Shelter immediately took him in for x-rays and, unfortunately, the diagnosis was inconclusive as far as what is wrong. Jack is going to need to see an orthopedic specialist and a neurologist so that we can determine what the problem is and help Jack walk normally again. Jack is also extremely overweight and is not able to take more than a few steps before collapsing. This sweet boy has an amazing temperament, he loves children and other dogs and is gentle, sweet and affectionate. He deserves to be able to enjoy life and find a loving forever family after such a long period of neglect. Please consider making a donation to help with the cost of Jack’s expensive specialist appointments and to help with his surgeries, overall treatment and care.


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Orchid is an absolutely adorable, 1 yer old bulldog mix who is suffering from luxating patellas and cruciate ligament damage in both of her hind legs.  She is a sweet, happy playful puppy who is currently unable to romp and play the way she wants to because of the extreme pain her legs cause her. She is under cage rest most of the time and can only take short walks into the yard to potty.  She will need to undergo surgery, perhaps multiple surgeries, to correct the problem so that she can enjoy life the way that such a beautiful girl should be able to.  Please consider making a donation to help with the cost of Orchid’s surgeries!

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Surviving the Puppy Mill

puppy mill dogs

Jojo, Lucky and Sunny arrived at Animal House Shelter after being rescued from a puppy mill. They have spent all of their lives in a tiny cage with only the bare minimum necessary to keep them alive to be “puppy making” machines for the pet store industry. They have never known what it is to be touched lovingly by a human. They were never even allowed outside to see grass or sunlight in all of these years. Beyond petrified when they arrived at Animal House, they are now are learning to trust humans and the comfort of warm blankets and loving staff at AHS! After years of neglect, medical bills for their neutering, bloodwork, vaccines and dentals are piling up for AHS and we need your help. We have rescued hundreds of puppy mill survivors like them before over the last 13 years and will continue to do so until the puppy mills are shut down forever. PLEASE make sure to spread the word on how important it is to ADOPT and not to SHOP. Until people stop buying the puppies at pet stores, these poor dogs will continue to be forced to breed in dark filthy conditions year after year suffering unimaginable abuse & neglect. Please consider making a donation to AHS so that we can keep putting the pieces of these three broken souls back together and continue to rescue more puppy mill survivors!

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Sandy is a 2 year old bulldog mix who came to Animal House Shelter in truly terrible condition.  This sweet girl is suffering from a respiratory infection, a severe case of demodectic mange, she is heart worm positive and she is in need of FHO surgery on her hips.  Despite all of these problems, Sandy is the happiest, sweetest, most loving dog that you could ever hope to meet.  It is heartbreaking that such a wonderful girl is suffering from so many problems.  AHS is dedicated to restoring Sandy to tip top health no matter how long the process or how costly it might be.  Please consider making a donation to help with the cost of all of her treatments and surgery so that Sandy can live her life to the fullest!

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The Family with Feline Leukemia

Feline Leukemia Family

Tiger, Silverstar and Kelly came to Animal House Shelter with their mother, Simone, when they were only 2 weeks old having been found outside. Their mother tested positive for both Feline Leukemia and FIV, and although these diseases aren’t always passed from mother to kitten, all three of the babies unfortunately tested positive for Feline Leukemia as well.
Feline leukemia is a disease that only affects cats — it cannot be transmitted to people, dogs, or other animals. It weakens an animal’s immune system so they can become ill if exposed to other infections or diseases more easily than a cat that does not have FeLV. As long as they are in a home, never let outside and not exposed to other infections or diseases and get regular vet visits, they can live a healthy life.
FeLV is most commonly transmitted through direct contact, mutual grooming and through sharing litter boxes, food and water bowls, in utero or through an infected mother’s milk. Healthy cats over three months of age and vaccinated for FeLV are highly unlikely to contract the virus from another cat.
There is no treatment or cure for FeLV and they might not live as long as a cat that does not have FeLV but Animal House Shelter is dedicated to the long term care of these sweet babies for as long as they live and we are hoping to find them an adoptive home with people who will love them. Please consider making a donation to AHS so that we can continue to care for this family and continue to save the lives of other cats like them.

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Rhonda needs your help!


Rhonda is a 3 and 1/2 year old Bulldog who is currently a resident of Animal House Shelter. She has been diagnosed with Ectopic Ureters, which means her ureters do not end at her bladder like they are supposed to and this causes her to have issues with urinary incontinence. This condition is something that she was born with. Because it was not corrected when she was a puppy, all her life urine has been backing up into her kidneys causing severe renal disease. There is a surgery that can be done to correct Rhonda’s Ectopic Ureters, but our vet is not sure how much longer she has to survive due to her renal disease. We are hoping to raise the funds to cover the cost of her surgery, in the hopes that it will extend her life even just a bit further. Please consider donating to help Rhonda have the surgery that she needs.




Sweet Amy was adopted from Animal House Shelter 6 years ago as a puppy. She was returned to us recently because her family was no longer able to afford her care. About a year after she was originally adopted, Amy began to lose her hair. Despite extensive testing by her adoptive family’s vet, the cause of her problem could not be determined. Animal House Shelter has also been conducting tests since she was returned and the cause of her problem still remains a mystery. We are not giving up on her, as we are determined to make sure she no longer has to live with the discomfort that her skin causes her. She is an incredibly sweet, loving and affectionate girl who is amazing with other dogs and children. Please consider making a donation so that Animal House Shelter can find the cause of Amy’s problem and/or make Amy a part of your home and family by adopting or fostering her!

Heartworm is treatable but very expensive. Heartworm positive dogs are typically those that are left out in the elements and we never on preventative. Please Donate to help us pay for the treatments. It costs approximately $300 per dog! You can click on any Donate Now button throughout the site or send a check to the shelter. Below are examples of some of the many heartworm positive dogs we get in every week at AHS.

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