Extra Special Pets

Beautiful Callie
Sweet little Callie is a 10 month old wire haired terrier who has sadly experienced horrific abuse in her short little life.    She has a deformity to her face which was mostly likely caused by blunt force trauma when she was just a tiny puppy.  The injury healed so that her muzzle will always be shifted to the side. Thankfully, her deformity does not hinder her from eating, drinking, or leading a normal life.  Despite all that she has been through, Callie is a peppy, playful and happy dog.  She is waiting for her forever home right now at AHS.  If you are looking for a wonderful, sweet little dog to add to your family, stop out and meet Callie today!
If you are not able to adopt at this time,
please help by making a donation to help with the cost of Callie’s care care by clicking on the link below!

Drogo Needs a Foster Home!

Drogo was recently returned to Animal House Shelter from the only home that he has ever known.  He was adopted as an 8 week old puppy and recently started showing problematic behavior toward the cat in the home.  His family had no choice but to return him to us and they are devastated. Drogo is not adjusting well to shelter life, he is used to being doted on and loved by his family and he is stressing out so terribly at the shelter that he needed to be put on anxiety medication.  He does get along with other dogs, but can be a bit dominant so he would need to be in a home with other larger dogs or no other pets.  He is VERY friendly with people and LOVES children.  Give us a call at 847-961-5541 if you would like to foster Drogo!  If you are not able to foster at this time but would like to make a donation to help with the cost of Drogo’s care, click on the link below!

Chrissy is a gorgeous, loving, 2 year old Lab/Spaniel mix who came to Animal House Shelter after she had been rescued from the streets.  Chrissy had been found injured, alone and in terrible pain.  She has suffered injuries to her right hind leg and to her tail which had been only minimally treated before her arrival at AHS. She is not able to bear any weight on her injured leg and her tail has been left crooked and scarred.  Our vet is very concerned about the state of her injuries currently.  Her X -rays revealed that there is significant swelling present in her leg joint which could be the result of an underlying infection.  Chrissy needs further diagnostic testing and she will need to see an orthopedic specialist to determine what needs to be done to treat her.  Please consider making a donation to help with these costly tests, procedures and visits to medical specialists so that Chrissy can have the best possible chance at regaining the use of her leg and living a long, healthy and normal life!        

If you would like to make a donation to help with the cost of Chrissy’s care click on the link below!

Hero and Triumph Need Our Help!  

Update on Hero and Triumph!
On Monday the pups saw a neurologist who determined that both pups are in need of MRI scans to determine the extent of the long term  damage caused by their injuries.  Unfortunately they were not able to perform the scans immediately because both pups are also suffering from upper respiratory infections which will need to clear up before they can be safely sedated for the scans.  Triumph did undergo a procedure to remove some fluid that had built up around his brain.  The MRI and treatments that the puppies will be in need of once their upper respiratory infections clear up is estimated to cost

$3,749 per puppy.  This means that we need to raise almost $7,500 in order to get these sweet babies the care that they need!
Click on the link below and make a donation to help Hero and Triumph!

We also have some fantastic news!  Animal House Shelter was able to rescue Hero and Triumph’s mother and she arrived at AHS on last night’s transport!

Beautiful Belle was found in the ditch along side her babies.  When the pups arrived last week without her, AHS worked tirelessly, networking around the clock, to make sure she got to us safely as well.   She arrived last night and is doing well, but sadly she has tested positive for heart worm.  Please click on the link below to help with the cost of care for Belle and her babies!

For those of you who missed the story of Hero and Triumph:

These sweet puppies arrived at Animal House shelter on Tuesday 12/13/16 after being found dumped in a ditch in southern Illinois. They had been used as bait dogs and suffered significant injuries. After being used for this horrific purpose, they were discarded like trash. Hero’s wounds are slowly healing- including broken teeth and a traumatic injury to his frontal sinus area that will result in permanent changes to his face. He also has a small non-functioning eye. His brother Triumph received the bulk of the injuries from their horrific past including suspected neurological damage, bite wounds around his head and ears, a missing eye and his entire muzzle has been pushed up and back. His face has significant swelling and our vet has recommended he see a specialist to have extensive testing done as he suspects significant skull/bone injury, brain damage and possibly deeper infection.

In spite of all of this, Hero and Triumph are the sweetest puppies that just want to be loved and play. Please help us spread the word about their story and make a donation so that these puppies can get the medical care they need and have a chance at living a happy, normal life with a loving forever home.

Rhonda needs your help!


Rhonda is a 3 and 1/2 year old Bulldog who is currently a resident of Animal House Shelter. She has been diagnosed with Ectopic Ureters, which means her ureters do not end at her bladder like they are supposed to and this causes her to have issues with urinary incontinence. This condition is something that she was born with. Because it was not corrected when she was a puppy, all her life urine has been backing up into her kidneys causing severe renal disease. There is a surgery that can be done to correct Rhonda’s Ectopic Ureters, but our vet is not sure how much longer she has to survive due to her renal disease. We are hoping to raise the funds to cover the cost of her surgery, in the hopes that it will extend her life even just a bit further. Please consider donating to help Rhonda have the surgery that she needs.




Sweet Amy was adopted from Animal House Shelter 6 years ago as a puppy. She was returned to us recently because her family was no longer able to afford her care. About a year after she was originally adopted, Amy began to lose her hair. Despite extensive testing by her adoptive family’s vet, the cause of her problem could not be determined. Animal House Shelter has also been conducting tests since she was returned and the cause of her problem still remains a mystery. We are not giving up on her, as we are determined to make sure she no longer has to live with the discomfort that her skin causes her. She is an incredibly sweet, loving and affectionate girl who is amazing with other dogs and children. Please consider making a donation so that Animal House Shelter can find the cause of Amy’s problem and/or make Amy a part of your home and family by adopting or fostering her!

Heartworm is treatable but very expensive. Heartworm positive dogs are typically those that are left out in the elements and we never on preventative. Please Donate to help us pay for the treatments. It costs approximately $300 per dog! You can click on any Donate Now button throughout the site or send a check to the shelter. Below are examples of some of the many heartworm positive dogs we get in every week at AHS.

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