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Our Needs & Wishes

Help us, help them.

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Donations are always welcome. Every donation is greatly appreciated by the staff and all the animals!

We accept all types of animal items, but we try to keep our animals on the same types of food so they don’t get sick from switching. We will accept other types of food as backup as well.

Purchase items from our Amazon wishlist and have your donations shipped directly to the shelter!

Other items needed to care for our kittens, puppies, cats and dogs

Please note that any items below with two stars (**) and in bold are what we are in desperate need of at this time.

Food Items:
  • Royal Canin Puppy Appetite Stimulation Canned Dog Food**
  • Canned Cat Food – Pate Preferred**
  • Purina Kitten Chow
  • Canned Dog or Puppy Food – Any Variety**
  • Eukanuba Puppy Food**
  • Cans of Chicken Chunks**
  • KMR (Milk for Kittens)**
  • Esbilac (Milk for Puppies)**
  • Cottage Cheese**
  • Prescription A/D or Royal Canin Recovery R/S (Available At Vet Clinics)**
Medical Supplies:
  • Fish Oil Pills for Dogs
  • Dixie Cups (2-3 Oz Cups) To Dispense Medicine
  • L-Lysine Powder
  • Digital Baby Scales**
  • Can Openers
Care and Wellness:
  • Puppy Playpens (Purchase Now!)**
  • Litter Box Deodorizers
  • Bedding Items: Towels, Comforters, Blankets, Bath Mats, Sheets**
  • Collars/Harnesses/Leashes (All Sizes)
  • Cat/Dog Toys (Any Stuffed Animals, Tennis Balls, Squeaky Toys, Ropes, Cat Toys)
  • Bones (rawhides, nylabones, dentabones, etc.)
  • Frontline Plus (All Sizes)**
  • Heartgard (All Sizes)**
  • Revolution For Dogs And/Or Cats**
Office Supplies:
  • Toner cartridges – Brother TN-660 at Best Buy, Office Max, Staples or Office Depot**
  • Copy Paper**
  • Plastic Sheet Protectors
Cleaning Supplies/Shelter Care:
  • Unger Floor Squeegees (Purchase Now!)
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Bleach**
  • Clorox Clean Up
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Paper Towels**
  • Air Fresheners/ Deodorizers
  • Toilet Paper
  • Industrial Garbage Bags (Contractor strength)
  • Garden Hoses (50 FT Or Longer Preferred
  • Garbage Bags/Plastics Grocery Bags (For Outside Clean-Up)
  • Watering Cans
Thank you!

Order supplies on amazon or from your local stores and markets.

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Print a version of this list to take shopping!

We need your help!

Below is a list of volunteer services that would greatly impact the animals livelihood at the shelter. If any of these activities spark your interest, we welcome your application to volunteer!

  • Printing, Advertising, IT help
  • Handyman at the shelter
  • Volunteers at the shelter
  • Foster homes
  • Vet to donated time for wellness exams, low cost spays/neuters and veterinary care

I’m ready to Volunteer my services!

Special thank you to our volunteers, visitors and donors!

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A big thank you to Martin Elementary School for holding a donation drive for the shelter. *Woof Woof* *Meow Meow*

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A big thank you to this wonderful Girl Scouts Troop for collecting donations!!!

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Haelynn who asked for donations to the shelter instead of birthday present for her 7th birthday!

Donations are Appreciated in Many Forms

We accept donations in monetary form, but you can also donate a car or boat. You could even fundraise in our name. We greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide.