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Sponsorship is the next best thing!

Want to help but you’re unable to adopt or foster? Choose a pet to sponsor.

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5 reasons why you should sponsor a cat or dog:

  • Animal’s should be left to be euthanized at a high kill facility because they are sick or injured. Sponsor a pet to get them the treatment they need.
  • These pets do not have a voice. They were unfairly treated and cannot stand up for themselves. Be their voice!
  • Heartworm positive dogs can be treated, but the service is very expensive at $300 per dog. Give these dogs a second chance!
  • You are unable to adopt of foster at this time but want to help. Help by choosing a pet to sponsor!
  • You care about these animals as much as we do!

Immediate Need Pet Sponsorships

The below pets are the pets in immediate need for sponsorship. However, if you happy to make friends with a cat or dog at our facility or see a particular pet in our listing that you wish to sponsor, just let us know when you fill out the donation form.


Sweet little Rollo is only 6 months old and was just recently diagnosed with a grade 5-6 heart murmur (6 is the worst on the rating scale). He is going to need extensive testing and evaluation by a specialist to determine if there is anything that can be done to prolong his life.


Mighty is a 2 year old lab mix who suffers from Epilepsy. He is currently in a foster home under the care of Animal House Shelter and is on seizure medication that costs about $100 a month. Please consider sponsoring Mighty to help with the cost of his medicine!


Aimee is a 8 year old Amstaff mix who was adopted from Animal House Shelter and returned when her family could no longer care for her. Since she is an older girl, she is passed over time and time again for adoption. Please consider sponsoring or fostering Aimee!


Howie is an 8 year old lab Shepherd mix who is currently in a foster home under the care of AHS. He came to AHS extremely emaciated and very ill with pneumonia and heart worm. He has since recovered from the pneumonia but has been baffling our vet with abnormal blood work and symptoms that are not responsive to treatment. Howie is at very high risk to treat his heart worm due to his other underlying health issues. We must treat the heart worm, however, because if left untreated it will prove to be fatal.


Brutus is a 1 year old Golden Retriever/ Australian Shepherd mix who is currently a resident at Animal House Shelter. He has been diagnosed with severely malformed femoral heads on both of his hind legs. This means that in order to live a pain-free and active life he will need to have hip replacement surgery on both of his hips. These surgeries are estimated to cost anywhere from $5,000- $10,000 each. Brutus is a young dog who wants to romp and play and it is heartbreaking to see him have such trouble keeping up with his doggy friends and to see him start limping severly after even just a short walk.

Give these animals a chance to live the active life they deserve.

When you are ready to sponsor, navigate to the donation form and enter your information. There is a field on the form where you can indicate which pet you would like to sponsor.

Thank you for your generosity. We wouldn’t be able to help these animals without your assistance.

Yes, I want to sponsor!

Puppy Mills Are Bad News

We have rescued hundreds of puppy mill survivors. They are often dumped at high kill facilities where they are then set to be euthanized due to lack of space. We rescue many groups throughout the year like this. The puppy mill breeders dump the dogs at animal control when they are done using them for breeding. These poor dogs spends years in tiny wire cages being bred over and over again while their babies are ripped away from them at 4 weeks and younger to pet stores. They are not allowed to see sunlight, they step out of the cage on to grass, and are never shown love or compassion.

Instructions for reporting abuse

We are in Desperate Need of Foster Homes

If you can foster… even for just 1-2 weeks, that would be a huge help! Please fill out the foster application to get the process rolling.